Since 2008, Jason has helped hundreds of salons and thousands of stylists push past personal plateaus and create accelerated growth in their salon.  He takes successful salons and helps them create accountability within the team without massive push back and works with dozens of major salon brands to help create world-class training for their field education teams. Salon Refuel was formed from the leading Sales Partners franchise in 2013. We have the drive, experience, tools and passion to transform businesses and increase the quality of life of our clients. We do this together with you by helping you to set and achieve goals beyond your imagination. We have a proven system to take you to the next level and beyond. This is what we love to do. We take our business seriously, and we know that your success and ours lies in our professionalism, and your results. Consider learning more with a free 30 minute coaching session. Just contact us to start your progress today.


Our reach is global. We run training and events throughout the US and the world both live and through cloud technologies and video conferencing. Our attention to detail will impress C level executives, and our concrete approach will appeal and inspire everyone. We have developed our own systems based on 30 years of leading thinking in business, success and personal growth, as well as financial and accountability tools that provide ongoing clarity and control. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in business, but our work is accessible, and we have a program that can make an impact on YOU, no matter your present level of income.