How to Inspire Anyone to Take Action

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Often times, people come to me and they ask if I’m a “motivational” speaker.

I don’t really like the word motivation. I look at it from two different ways:

There is what I consider to be inspirational speakers and aspirational speakers.

  • An INSPIRATIONAL speaker is somebody who breathes life into an audience and makes them actually want to take action on what they learn.
  • An ASPIRATIONAL speaker, just really makes everybody feel like, “One day I want to be as great as that person.”

I love the inspirational part, so how do you INSPIRE people to take action?

It comes from a core value deep inside you. And this will help you no matter if you’re trying to inspire a team or inspire yourself. If you want to get people or yourself to take some action here are three things you need to know about how to get people to believe things you tell them.
First of all, there’s three different types of beliefs.

1. The PROBABLY Belief.

The “probably” level is where you think, “Yeah, that’s probably true. I wouldn’t argue with it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean anything to me.”

2. The FACT-BASE Belief.

The “fact” level is where one thinks, “Well, I’ve seen all the facts. I understand that is really good for me.” Or, “I should be doing it, but I still don’t do it any way.”

3. The ACTIONABLE Belief.

The actionable level, as a teacher or as an inspirational speaker, is really where you are changing people’s lives. It’s where you get them to take action on something that they’ve never changed before inside their life.

So how do you go from a “probably” level belief to a “fact based”, and then finally to an “action”?


  • Getting somebody from a “probably” to a “fact-based” belief is where they trust the source. Meaning, you are believable. They believe in you and they believe that you can get them good information. They trust the source of that information.


This moves them into the fact level, but how do you go from fact into actionable?

That’s the magic and that is the piece that you really should be focusing on every time you train a team, or even if you are just trying to get yourself to change something. Instead of trusting the source, you now need to trust in yourself.


  • What I mean by that is when you’re at a program, or you’re training, or you’re teaching, or you’re just talking to yourself about it, are you doing everything possible to get everybody in that room, in that meeting, or even just yourself, to believe more in you than you ever have before?
  • Do you believe that you can actually create, do, and accomplish something big?
  • Do you inspire people to do something they have never done before? Or, are you just handing out the information?

So I hope that was a quick little insight for you with how I work a little bit differently than that ‘motivational’ coach or speaker.


What is something that you have been inspired to do and been encouraged to change your actions in your life? Something that you never thought was possible but somebody inspired you to do so and they helped you to take action?