The #1 Mistake Most Salon Owners Make

I have worked with hundreds of salon owners and thousands of stylists all over the world and what I have found is that many have one problem that keeps coming up over and over again and I will tell you why that problem happens.

The problem happens because most stylists that dream of becoming a salon owner, know how to be an amazing stylists but are not quite experienced with what it takes to own a business. One day they wake up and say, “You know what, I’m not going to do it for somebody else anymore, I’m gonna do it for myself.”  So they go and they open a business.  They borrow some money and they scrape and pull some money together and they buy their very first salon. What happens is they probably have not gone to “Salon Business School” and, in fact, there are very few programs out there that actually teach you how to run a successful salon business.

That is what we do.  We help you run a successful salon business and we point out and show you what the main pitfalls are and how to fix them.

So here’s the problem that most salon owners face:

When they own a salon, they end up making the same or less money as they did when they were just a stylist.

Let me ask you this very simple question:

Do you make more money now as  a salon owner or do you make less money?

You might quickly  answer that question and say, “Jason, I make more money than I did as a stylist!” which is great!

But let me ask you this:

Are you still working the same hours behind the chair as you were when you were a stylist? 

Here’s the other question:

As a salon owner, are you paying yourself a salary as the owner and manager and leader of the salon as well as your time behind the chair? Or are you only taking money out of your business from the times that you work behind the chair?

For many of the salon owners that I deal with, they actually make less money and they work the same hours behind the chair and they own their salon.

Here’s the problem, you have all this risk by owning the salon, but you make less money than you did as a stylist and that is not the intention of a business.

The intention of a business is to make you more money than you did when you were a stylist.  Now you might be listening to this and saying “Jason, that’s not me, I make plenty of money and I am really happy.”  If that’s you, congratulations! This was probably the wrong video for you, but there is another video that would be helpful for you.

In fact, it would also be helpful if you were someone who said you make less money.  It will give you more tips, more tools and more resources.  So check out our other video it is called the Dream Salon Formula.  The Dream Salon Program shows you a ton of other tips about how you can turn your salon around. If you are already making more money than you were as a stylist, it gives you tips on how to make sure you continue, how you accelerate that, and step on the gas and make sure your income goes up.  If your the one who is not making as much money, it gives you tips on how you can get to the level where you make more money and then step on the gas pedal and accelerate.

What I see when I work with salon owners every day is that they do it because they love it, and sometimes what that means is that they treat their business more like a hobby than they do a business.

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